First Year Experience

The Office of the First Year Experience partners with others in our mission to create an academic culture of radical hospitality, a culture that welcomes newcomers and helps them make our house their home. We support students who are transitioning into our community and our learning culture in three ways.

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First Year Seminars

Use Your Voice

Incoming students take a fall writing-intensive seminar and a spring communication-intensive seminar. These offer a strong foundation in what we call eloquentia perfecta, academic excellence in writing and speaking for the greater good. You will be a part of the same small group of students for both your fall and spring Foundational Core seminars, learning together, supporting one another over the course of the year and exploring self and world in community.

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First Year Advising Program

Choose The Choice

To assist you in this process, your fall writing seminar professor will also serve as your first-year faculty advisor. They can help you to reflect on your transition to college so that you can make decisions about our liberal arts and sciences core curriculum (the Distributive Core) and about the many resources available to support you as a student. That guidance in what you do at Regis helps you discern who you want to become.

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First-Year Learning Community

Make Our House Your Home

We invite incoming students to find their own sense of place and belonging in the Regis community with a range of programming throughout their first year. In collaboration with Admissions and Student Affairs, we offer a varied and cohesive range of programming for students from the summer before they arrive at Regis until they successfully transition to their second year.

The Regis College Core

"How ought we to live?"

Every course in the Core is designed to help students understand, explore and live this question. Regis University recognizes that in today’s diverse and complex world, education cannot be limited to one field of study. Instead, it is the goal of the University to give each student a full range of academic exposure. Through its emphasis on active learning and reflective thinking, the core education broadens a student’s capacity to make critical judgments in a wide range of areas. To this end, Regis College requires that each student complete a liberal arts core curriculum.

Foundational Core

The First Year Experience seminars are a two-course sequence taken in the fall and spring of the first year that satisfy the foundational core requirement. The spring term course will also satisfy the distributive requirement in its discipline. For example, a spring term PL course will satisfy the core Philosophy requirement.

Distributive Core

The distributive core (40 to 46 credits) represents a variety of offerings in disciplines that provide the underpinning of a solid liberal arts education. These specifically-designed core courses expose students to a wide range of academic disciplines, perennial questions and methods of inquiry that broadens a student's ability to make informed, critical judgments.

Integrative Core

The integrative core (12 credits) consists of four upper-division interdisciplinary courses taken during junior and senior years. These integrated courses build on the intellectual and skill development of the Foundational and Distributive Core, and are focused around essential themes expressed by Regis' Mission and aim to develop students as leaders in service of others.

Candidates for baccalaureate degrees are required to complete all core studies requirements. In addition, departmental requirements for a student's chosen major must also be met to earn the baccalaureate degree. Keep track of your progress with the core course requirements checklists above for first year and transfer students.

Meet the FYE Team

Jason Taylor
Jason Taylor

Director of First Year Experience, Professor

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Alison  Castel
Alison Castel

Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Communication Studies

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Sarah  Puett
Sarah Puett

Assistant Professor of Rhetoric-Composition

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Martin Doppelt
Martin Doppelt

Academic Program Coordinator, First Year Experience

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